available in add-on @vueuse/electron


Reactive WebFrame zoom level.


import { useZoomLevel } from '@vueuse/electron'

// enable nodeIntegration if you don't provide webFrame explicitly 
// @see: https://www.electronjs.org/docs/api/webview-tag#nodeintegration
// Ref result will return
const level = useZoomLevel()
console.log(level.value) // print current zoom level
level.value = 2 // change current zoom level

Set initial zoom level immediately

import { useZoomLevel } from '@vueuse/electron'

const level = useZoomLevel(2)

Pass a ref and the level will be updated when the source ref changes

import { useZoomLevel } from '@vueuse/electron'

const level = ref(1)

useZoomLevel(level) // zoom level will match with the ref

level.value = 2 // zoom level will change

Type Declarations

export declare function useZoomLevel(level: MaybeRef<number>): Ref<number>
export declare function useZoomLevel(
  webFrame: WebFrame,
  level: MaybeRef<number>
): Ref<number>
export declare function useZoomLevel(webFrame: WebFrame): Ref<number>
export declare function useZoomLevel(): Ref<number>